Trade in your electronics a Newegg Gift Card

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to trade in your electronics


  • Simple
  • Just answer a few quick questions about your gadgets to find out how much they’re worth.
  • One-stop trading
  • Accepting more than 20 categories, you can trade-in just about any gadget in your home.
  • Fast
  • The whole process from when we receive your items until you get paid, typically takes about a week.
  • Free shipping
  • All transactions with a value of $1 or more qualify for free shipping, and many qualify for free packaging as well.
  • Your data is safe
  • All personal data is removed using Department of Defense standards.
  • Risk free
  • If you are unhappy with the offer, we will ship your item back to you free of charge.


  • Trade-in to trade up
  • On average, customers make about $100 on their trade. Just think what item off your wish list you could buy!
  • Declutter
  • The average person has more than ½ dozen gadgets they no longer use. Free up that valuable space in your home by trading in or recycling used gadgets.
  • Keep it moving
  • Every gadget traded in is reused or responsibly recycled so you can feel good knowing you did the right thing with your used electronics

How It Works

  • Find it
  • Simply answer a few quick questions to get an online estimate.
  • Ship it
  • Free shipping and packaging on qualified boxes.
  • Get paid
  • We check out your items and send you a Newegg gift card.
  • Keep it moving
  • We find items a new home or recycle them for you.
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