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EDITOR'S PICKS Up To 5x Eggpoints

Well, did you have a good holiday season this year? We certainly hope so. Here at Newegg, it was another great year for us as well, which means we’re ready to ring in the new year with some absolutely terrific bargains on all your favorite tech gear. Take a look at these Editors’ Picks and you’ll see what we’re talking about — we’ve got special deals waiting for you on everything from laptops and iPads to gaming systems, SSDs, cameras and a whole lot more. Take a peek.

GAMING PC's UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Here are Newegg, we take our gaming very seriously. We have to, because our customers are big, big gaming fans who want the latest and greatest ways to beat down the bad guys and rack up serious bonus points. If that sounds like you, take a look at some of the very cool systems we’re offering this month from Asus, CUK HP, MSI and others. We’ve got the gear you need to have some serious fun.

MONITORS UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Looking for a really great new monitor? Check out the 43” Dell Ultra HD 4K we’ve got on sale this month. It’s a big & beautiful monitor that can replace a typical 4-monitor setup with just one seamless field of vision that will take your breath away. Be sure to take a look at our other, smaller monitors as well starting at under $110 delivered. Once again, January is shaping up as a fine month for getting a fine new monitor.


Did you put off buying a new computer over the holidays because you spent all your money on presents? If you did, your kind-hearted generosity is about to be rewarded — just take a look at some of the very cool deals we’re making this month on new tablets, PCs and laptops. We’ve got everything from a very affordable Chromebook all the way up to a ThinkPad with some serious crunch power. Go ahead, take a look and reward yourself.


How’d you like to take $300 off the price of a Surface 3 tablet, or $870 off an Asus ROG gaming laptop or a cool $1550 off an HP workstation? Believe it or not, you can do all of that this month by shopping our Refurbished deals below. Refurbs, of course, are the open box, returned and reconditioned units we come across from time to time. And they can be an excellent way to save major coin on the gear you’re looking to buy. Be sure to take a look.

CAMERAS UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Wow, what a great time it is to be a photographer these days! Cameras are loaded up with more and more great features and yet they’re more affordable than ever. Even the casual photographer has a full spectrum of choices from legendary brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony and Leica, all at price points that seem to get more and more competitive every day. So, have you caught the camera buy yet? If you have, here’s a really great place to indulge yourself a little.


Everybody knows that speaker technology has gotten a lot better over the years — that’s a given. But another huge improvement in today’s music isn’t so much about “how” your fav tunes sound but “where” you can listen to them. Between today’s headphones and portable speakers, there’s really no place on the planet where you can’t kick back and enjoy what you want to hear. Take a look at some of these listening choices, for example.


Thinking about setting up a new home theatre system, or making upgrades to the one you have now? Let us help you get the job done both inexpensively and right with some of the cool gear we have for you here in our Home Entertainment section. Start by looking over some of the beautiful big screen options we have on sale this month — you’ll find these LED TVs look better and cost less than ever. Then check out the audio side of things with our sound bars and speakers to get that full, surround sound effect. The time to shop is now.


Of course, the start of a new year is an excellent time to take a good look at your data storage and backup routines. Do you have the data capabilities you need, are you archiving and backing-up your irreplaceable data like you’re supposed to, are you getting the fast boot-ups and disk writes that make you super-efficient? If not, check out the deals we’re offering right now on drives. We think you’ll find that the right data solutions are more affordable — and more needed — than ever.


Off-the-shelf may work for some people, but if you’re a gamer, a modder or somebody who really knows his or her way around systems, it’s not for you. You’re looking for power, speed, over-clocking and all the rest, which is why you need to check out our Components department now. We’re offering some terrific deals on VGAs, hefty power supplies and especially liquid cooling this month and you don’t want to let them pass you by.

APPLE UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Planning to kick off the new year with a new iPad Pro, iMac or even a MacBook Pro? Let us help you do it at a reduced Newegg-style price. We can actually save you $80, $50 or even $134 respectively on the aforementioned items — and that’s on top of the free shipping we’ll give you. Here at Newegg, we’re big fans and users of Apple products (as well as Windows, and Android, and Unix and, well, you get the idea) and there’s nothing we love better than to get our friends deals on the gear we all love.

Mobile & Peripheral

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to get a little overly obsessed with digital inputs — letters, numbers, keyboards and typing. It’s easy to forget that there’s an entirely different way to get things done, and that it involves tablets, pens and graphics. If you’d like to explore a new graphics tablet (or a cell phone, or charger or any bit of mobile or peripheral gear) be sure to check out the products we’re offering below. They can be utterly fascinating.


Forgive us for asking if you’ve already got this handled, but you are using a mechanical gaming keyboard, right? If not, what are you waiting for? Most serious gamers swear by the kind of precise feedback and speed they find in the mechanical keyboards we’re offering below, so be sure to take a look at some of the choices we have lined up for you. While you’re browsing, take a peek at our gaming headsets and mice as well, since they’re also gear that can really make a difference.


It used to be that setting up a home security system was something that only experts would attempt and that only rich clients could afford, but no more. Today, setting up a workable surveillance network is something almost anybody can do and afford, especially with some of the gear we’re featuring below. Night vision, 2-way communication, wireless networking and remote monitoring are all very achievable options. Take a look.