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Winter may still have one last storm or two coming, but Monday, March 20 is the official first day of Spring. And Spring is the start of car season, when we can finally get the good car out of the garage and start enjoying long trips in great weather. To help you get into the car mood, our Editors have been busy going through hundreds of products & deals to come up with 8 of the very best for you. So now’s the time to ring in Spring. Here are this week’s best Editors’ Picks:


Here at Newegg, we find that even the most expensive cars these days roll off the assembly line a little lacking in essential electronics. We’re talking about things like radar & laser detectors, dash cams, high-end audio and navigation. These are the kinds of things that make driving faster, safer & a whole lot more fun, especially if you’re into electronics. So, are you ready to kick it up a notch in your car? Just take a look at these options:


Ever had the lights go out at your home, office or business? If you have, do you remember what a supreme hassle it was to function with the power out? Today more than ever, almost everything we do somehow depends on having electricity — which is why you ought to seriously consider some of the generators we’ve got on sale today. A good jenny can literally be a lifesaver in a power outage. Plus it can make everything a whole lot easier when you’re camping or tailgating, or at trade shows or farmer’s markets, or almost anywhere. Check out our generators and other handy tools below.


The fewer wheels you have on a vehicle, the more fun you’re gonna have. We know it sounds crazy, but that’s the lesson we deduce from this month’s lineup here in our Vehicles section, where we have dozens of peppy street bikes, electric bikes, dirt bikes, scooters and even unicycles & snowmobiles for your traveling pleasure. Be sure to give ‘em a good look because they’re all priced right and delivered to your door at no additional charge. Remember, half the fun of any journey is in the getting there. Especially on 2 wheels.


Your car has gotten smarter — a lot smarter — over the last 20 years or so, but now it’s your home’s turn. In just a few years, we’ll look back on these decades of tricky door locks, thermostats that we’re always turning up or down, and light bulbs that suck huge amounts of energy, and we’ll think we were living through another Dark Ages. In this section, take a look at some of the really cool ways you can make your home more automatic, energy-efficient and enjoyable. Pay particular attention to the smart thermostats we have here — those are some of the most popular upgrades these days and a great place to start making your home smart.


Troubleshooting auto engines used to be something of an art. A good mechanic would look around the engine compartment, listen for noises, feel for heat or vacuum leaks, maybe even smell for leaks that would lead him to the problem. Today, a good mechanic is still something of a detective, but he uses high-tech scanners & code readers to ferret out problems that the old methods would miss. Here in this section you’ll find dozens of great tools that range from the very basic to the highly advanced. We’ll bet at least one of them is exactly what you need to be your shop’s best detective.


Now that Spring is on the way, it’s time to deal not just with your car but all those other outside issues around your home and life as well. That weed-eater that you were about to buy last season, or that new grill you’ve been promising yourself? Now is the time to get them, on sale. Those solar-powered security lights your mate has been nagging you about? Now’s the time to buy. Here in our Home & Outdoors section, we’ve got all the rolling tool chests, vintage LED light bulbs and digital BBQ thermometers that you can handle. So take a moment to check out our selection of great home deals now.


Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be an individual in today’s world, especially when it comes to cars. No matter what make & model you drive, your car is one of many thousands just like it, right down to the color. There is one area, however, in which you and your car are unique — accessories. It’s in your choice of things like cell phone holders, luggage racks, detailing products, air horns & running lights that you really start to set your vehicle apart from the pack. So, are you ready to individualize? Are you hankering for those little things that are your unique mobile signature? Then shop for them right here: