Upgrade SuperCombos

Want to play today's hottest new games without breaking the bank? Why not upgrade that old clunky machine with a SuperCombo upgrade kit! Each upgrade kit will bring your machine up to date without having to rebuild your entire system. Check out all the different kits we have to fit all of your upgrade needs and save big!

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Home Theater PC SuperCombos

Ever wanted to have a small and stylish PC in your living room where you can stream movies, watch Netflix, and play games all at the same time? Look no further as we offer the perfect build to balance all your needs. Select from a wide range of stylish HTPC SuperCombos that will satisfy all your entertainment needs!

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Gaming SuperCombos

Ready to build your next battle station and crush your opponents? Check out these wide selections of gaming SuperCombos that offer both Intel® and AMD builds. These SuperCombos offer the best bang for your buck as each build is constructed for optimal efficiency that will give you maximum performance.

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Overclocked SuperCombos

Warning: Not for the faint of heart! These Overlocked SuperCombos are the best of the best components that money can buy. Each one of these builds are designed to go that extra mile and push your computer to the limit. Take the plunge and show off your build as you will be the envy of your friends with any of these overclocked SuperCombos.

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Rosewill SuperCombos

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