Solution at a Glance
When the power goes out, APC's Next Gen BE series provides instant battery backup and surge protection to the valuable devices you rely on everyday.

The BE series also help maintain your network connection so you can continue doing the things that matter most, even during a power outage.
Why use APC's Next Gen BE Series?

Keep your epuipment powered during outtages and protect them against surges, spikes, and lightening

2 USB (Type A + Type C) charging ports

ENERGY STAR® v2.0 (USA) certified UPS with energy monitoring and configuration options

Over 100 mins of uninterrupted internet connectivity

Keep you connected equipment running when you need it the most
Easy-tounderstand user interface for UPS status
Runtime Chart

Technical Specs

Technical Specs BE500G3 BE700G3 BE900G3 BE1050G3
Output Connections 6 (4 battery backup and surge protection, 2 surges only) 8 (4 battery backup and surge protection, 2 surges only)
Output Power Capacity 500VA/300W 700VA/420W 900VA/540W 1000VA/600W
Power Factor 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.57
Output on Battery Stepped-Approximate
Warranty 3 Years
EPP $75,000
USB Charging Type A+C (5V, 3A)
Energy Star Certified Y Y Y Y
Transformer Spaced Y Y Y Y
Mute Button Y Y Y Y
USB Comm./Software N N PCSS PCSS
User Replaceable Battery N N PCSS PCSS
Dimensiobs (W x H x D) 245 X 167 X 90mm 245 X 167 X 90mm 318 X 167 X 90mm 318 X 167 X 90mm
Weight 2.9kg 3.2kg 4.1kg 4.3kg