BI Portal OLAP Tool (Online Analytical Processing Tool)
Share Plaza and User Center

You can create / save your bookmark (report), schedule and dashboard in your own "My folder" and reuse it. Then you can share your report to a public area (share folder) and tag them.

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Business Topic Data

BI team build up different topic cubes for end user and save them in "Public folder". End user can access them and save bookmark in “My folder”, but cannot change the cube content.

Legacy Data and Realtime Data

Tradition BI system provides one-day delay cube to end user. BI team is trying to enable real-time OLAP cube and service to Newegg end user.

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Various Data Formats

You can use the data format provided in the BI Portal for data evaluation and analysis, whether it is a line chart, a bar chart or a wordCloud chart, a map chart.