Mr. McKenzie
Hon. Vincent Massey – Windsor, ON, Canada

”He has taught us so many life lessons, both in and out of school. And above all, he is like a friend.“

Mr. Thomas Clark
Lake Central High School – St. John, IN

”He doesn't see students as students; he sees them as people with beliefs, opinions, ideas, and ambitions.“

Mr. William Cicora
Mad River Middle School – Riverside, OH

”Mr. Cicora is a great computer teacher bringing technology classes down to the
Jr. High School level with great hands-on activities.“

Dr. Quaintance
Taunton High School – Taunton, MA

”Dr. Quaintance would be a great choice for this award to thank him for all of his effort and dedication to the students and to technology.“

Mrs. Lori Myers-Jantz (aka Mrs. MJ)
Atwater High School – Atwater, CA

”Who’s the first to arrive to campus and the last to leave? That would be Mrs. Lori Myers-Jantz, also known as Mrs. MJ. She doesn’t hesitate to GIVE!“

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