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Which is the best SSD for me?

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is super-fast and ultra-light. It runs extremely quietly and consumes very little energy. The latest technology makes an SSD a better choice than a hard disk drive (HDD) in many computing applications. Each of the six typical user groups below has its own data storage requirements. It is not uncommon that you may identify with more than one group. This guide is devised to help you to find the best SSD with the right features and benefits for your particular needs.


Cut application and map loading times in half and get on with your gaming. Typically, an SSD helps your OS load from a cold boot in only fifteen seconds. With an SSD, you will find that everything runs faster, while keeping your computer cool and reducing the overall power strain on your computer. Transfer and search for game-related files with lightning-fast speed. Multi-tasking becomes smoother than ever before—5x faster than traditional HDDs. See our SSD product recommendations for your gaming needs.
Brand 20-147-361
Brand 20-171-999
Brand 20-167-190
Brand 20-231-819
Road Warrior


If you travel often, carrying around a notebook could be a challenge. You never know when the HDD will fail due to an unexpected drop. With an SSD, this is no longer a problem. Solid state drives, which feature a non-mechanical design of NAND flash memory mounted to circuit boards, are shock resistant up to 1500g. In comparison to a HDD, an SSD consumes significantly less power, and runs cooler—so you can charge less often, and stay cool at the same time. As an SSD can boot up in as little as fifteen seconds, you will always have a computer that is ready wherever you go. See our SSD recommendations for your travel needs.
Brand 20-148-820
Brand 20-147-372
Brand 0D9-0021-00005
Brand 20-249-041


Do you ever find yourself searching for or transferring files minutes before class starts? If you need fast and reliable storage for your schoolwork, a solid state drive may be what you need. SSDs start applications in seconds with file copy and transfer rates several times faster than traditional HDDs. It also cuts time on simple background tasks such as virus scans by almost 50 percent. You can maintain focus on assignments on hand with minimum downtime. SSDs are typically smaller, lighter and more durable than HDDs. You can take your work to the library or nearby café without having to worry about whether it will get lost or become non-recoverable. See our SSD recommendations for your school needs.
Brand 20-721-107
Brand 20-148-945
Brand 20-147-371
Brand 20-178-720
Digital Media Editor


Whether you edit videos professionally or have taken up a hobby in photo editing, a solid state drive can make the work easier and more enjoyable. You can render video file clips over 30 percent faster while using less power with an SSD. Applications load, files transfer and compilations complete in a matter of seconds. Zip through file searches or find the e-mail you sent that client last month 5x faster than a traditional HDD. Because SSDs are smaller and more reliable than a standard HDD, you can take your work with you wherever you go and access files with lightning speed from anywhere. See our SSD recommendations for your digital media editing needs.
Brand 20-233-745
Brand 20-147-362
Brand 20-167-192
Brand 20-228-114
Home User


Solid state drives offer a brand new computing experience at home. An SSD enables you to read, edit, write and copy documents or files several times faster. You will be able to search important emails, access old documents, and view photos and videos of family and friends much faster and smoother—and reduce your monthly power bill at the same time. Everything runs faster when it is stored on an SSD, including applications, files and even operating systems. Cherish your most treasured memories by storing your family pictures and videos on an SSD. You will no longer need to worry about losing them to unexpected drive failure because SSDs have a virtuously unlimited lifespan for data access. See our SSD recommendations for your home computing needs.
Brand 20-173-011
Brand 20-228-116
Brand 20-721-108
Brand 20-148-944
Office Worker


Now you can multi-task with super efficiency. Solid state drives provide fast information access and reliable data storage for whatever jobs you are doing. Need to make a quick edit before meeting your boss? SSDs load programs such as Excel and PowerPoint more than twice as fast as HDDs. Need to look up certain details of that updated procurement policy memo from last month? An SSD can zip through file searches up to 5x faster than a HDD. Since there are no moving parts in an SSD, it is always quiet and cool and this helps you to stay calm and focused no matter how much work you have to get done. See our SSD recommendations for your office needs.
Brand 20-147-373
Brand 20-148-821
Brand 20-228-122
Brand 20-178-456

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