Multitask Faster and Better with More RAM

The more memory you have, the more multitasking you can do.

Multitasking on your computer should be painless, but it often leads to slowdowns, freezing, crashing, ... and lots of needless frustration. The reason? If you don't have enough RAM to handle everything you're doing – every word you're typing anywhere, every photo you're viewing, every spreadsheet you're editing, every video and browser tab you have open – your system slows to a crawl. It's even more important because everyone is a multitasker. Solve the problem by simply installing more memory and multitasking better than ever before!

See how much memory you need

PCs and Mac® systems have ways to see exactly how much RAM your computer is using and what's eating away your available memory.

On a PC system On a MAC® system
Press CTRL + Shift + Esc at the same time In the Finder app, click Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor

Once you've opened the program (called Task Manager on PCs and Activity Monitor on Macs), here's the type of information you'll see and how you can use this information to improve your multitasking and work faster. What you see may appear slightly different, but you'll get the same key information.

Why monitoring your multitasking matters

The more you do on your computer, the more RAM you need. Period. It pays to quickly see how much memory you're using and how much room you have left to do other things. Depending on your system and the apps you're using, when you're using about 70% or more of your RAM, your computer is in danger of significantly slowing down, freezing, or crashing (if it hasn't done so already). This threshold is even more pronounced with smaller RAM capacities, as each MB of memory represents a greater percentage of your total memory capacity. This is why there are different danger zones for different capacities.

Your system's multitasking danger zone

10 top everyday memory drains

Some of the most common things you do on a computer consume a lot of memory. The more complex or detailed the app, the more RAM it takes to run. This is why the activities below slow your computer down if memory capacity is low: They need more RAM to run the many elements and details they contain.

The bottom line: Add memory and increase your multitasking ability

There's a limited amount of memory in your system, and by knowing how much you're using, you can make sure you have the right amount and are able to multitask with ease. Computer manufacturers often limit the amount of preinstalled memory in new computers to lower the price, and most people can easily double what comes preinstalled. If you're consistently using more than 70% of your system's memory, add more GBs of RAM to give your computer the breathing room you need to work seamlessly.

Note: Screenshots of memory usage are for illustrative purposes only. Actual memory usage and apps may vary.
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