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Exploring Together
Mario and Luigi adventures aren't like other Mario games - once the pair are reunited on Pi'illo Island, you'll have to control both brothers at once! Moving the pair around is easy, as they stick together as a team, but when you want to jump across gaps or up onto ledges, you'll have to use the A and B Buttons to make Mario and Luigi jump respectively.
You've Got The Moves
Jumping is just one of the many talents that Mario and Luigi learn on their travels around Pi'illo Island. Soon enough, you'll discover a pair of Hammers that let the brothers bash away on rocks, switches and all kinds of monsters, again controlled with the A and B Button for Mario and Luigi respectively. Next comes the Mole Mario move, the Small Mario move and many more moves besides!
To The Dream World!
Whenever you discover a mystical stone pillow around Pi'illo Island, Luigi can use it to create a portal that allows Mario to enter the dream world. These stone pillows are actually members of the lost Pi'illo folk, but they won't go back to being themselves until you rescue their soul from the dream world... be sure to rescue as many of them as you can, as you'll be rewarded for it!

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