Video #1 - Origins

Video #2 - Command Center Build

Video #3 - DIY Halloween Walkthrough


DIY Halloween #BuiltByNewegg

What could a command center do for a haunted house? Let's find out as we tackle the first ever haunted house #BuiltByNewegg.

9 Tips for an Awesome Haunted House

Halloween is here and it's time to scare some kids. Here's what I recommend for those DIY'ers looking for creeps on the cheap.

The Geekiest Gaming Costumes

A list of the best costumes for gamers and geeks this Halloween, brought to you as only Newegg can.

Unboxing Our DIY Haunted House Command Center

What do scary costumes, a gaming laptop, surveillance system, monitors and sound system have in common? Come find out.

The Ultimate Halloween Project: Ghostbuster Proton Pack

Looking for an great DIY Halloween costume idea? Now's the time to build a Ghostbuster Proton Pack.

Our DIY Haunted House Finale: Come Visit!

Halloween is here, and our DIY haunted house is open to scare. Let's take a look back on the final steps of the tech build, as well as the address to visit it live.


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