Drone Sets

Unreal Power & Performance:

The Riot 250R Pro has the biggest, fastest motors of any almost-ready-to-fly drone in the market, capable of laying down serious power. If you itch for that thrill of the chase, the need for speed that pushes you to mash the throttle, the Riot will take you for a ride. This isn’t a cruising drone, this is a precision-tuned machine that is designed to be an out-of-the-box winner, whether you are racing competitively or just want to rip some sky.

  • Max speed: 75+ mph
  • Quad DYS SE2205 2550kv motors
  • Integrated power distribution
  • Integrated clean power regulation

Thrilling FPV Racing:

This is the next generation of sports; combining the heart-pounding adrenaline of racing with the virtual experience of first-person gaming. Racing drones utilize a front-mount camera to broadcast the video feed directly to your goggles, keeping you fully engaged in the action. Mastering the art of aerial flips, hairpin turns, and tight handling isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those that seek the thrill of adventure and competition.

  • CCD, Wide Dynamic Range flight camera
  • Pre-configured integrated flight systems
  • Video channel, frequency, power output remote control
  • STMF4 flight controller running Betaflight/RaceFlight

Customize Your Drone:

Nobody wants to be just another face in the crowd. The Riot 250R Pro blazes a trail, as an innovator among innovators at the top of its class. 52 individually customizable LEDs can be set to any color imaginable, with a variety of blinking patterns set to your own specs. Still learning the ropes of FPV flight? Restrict your power output until you are ready to rock, and fully customize your remote controls to what suits you best; the sky is no longer the limit.

  • 52 customizable RGB LEDs
  • Modular motors
  • Modular integrated flight system
  • Fully configurable via OSD, no PC required

Advanced Construction:

At the cutting edge of technology, the Riot 250R Pro racing drone is ultra-lightweight sporting a carbon fiber construction that can take a beating and keep performing. Deadfalls and high-impact crashes are part of the sport, and the Riot frame is just as durable as it is flexible. Unlike other racing drones on the market, the Riot keeps all the critical components protected, and swapping out damaged arms is quick work to keep you in the sky.

  • White gelcoat carbon fiber frame
  • Nearly indestructible poly-carbonate risers
  • 250mm H-frame design
  • Replaceable carbon fiber arms


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