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Smart Temperature Controls

While most people have heard of Nest, there are numerous smart thermostat models on the market. Some have more flash and modern style, while others focus more on the inner workings and resemble traditional thermostats. All smart thermostats can be operated via app, have advanced programming features, and feature Wi-Fi connectivity. Automating cooling in the hotter months saves energy by only using energy when it is needed, and adapting to user interaction.

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Smart Yard

A modern connected home doesn’t have to be restricted by the walls of your house. Take your smart home to the great outdoors with a selection of smart yard devices. Automate lawn care with smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers. Power your next cookout with outdoor smart plugs, giving you hands-free voice control of everything from lights to pool and spa equipment while you’re busy flipping burgers.

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Smart Lighting Solutions

Automating lighting solutions is one of the easiest steps to building a Smart Home. It can be as easy as swapping out a bulb for a smart bulb, or adding a Wi-Fi plug-in module to control a lamp via smartphone. Smart lighting can also be more complicated, requiring replacement of switches or panels for whole-home light automation. Certain solutions offer RGB-colored lights, while others only allow changing temperature, but all allow for automated scheduling and remote control for optimized energy consumption.

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