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Welcome to August, a time of new beginnings. Lots of us are starting a new school year this month, or coming home from summer travels, or perhaps starting off in a new business or job. No matter what kind of new beginning you’re making this month, new electronics can probably help, especially if you choose some of the gear we have waiting for you in this month’s eBlast. Scroll down and you’ll see laptops & desktops, gaming systems & monitors, cameras & TVs plus a whole lot more, all at low August prices. Take a look, starting with this month’s Editors’ Picks. And have a great new beginning.

GAMING UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Here are Newegg, we take our gaming very seriously. We have to, not just because we personally love to blow stuff away, but because our customers are big, big gaming fans who want the latest and greatest ways to also beat down the bad guys and rack up serious wins. If that sounds like you, take a look at some of the very cool systems, components & accessories we’re offering this month from great brands like MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, SkyTech & others. We’ve got the gear you need to have some serious fun, so get in on these cool deals before they’re gone.

Monitors & Peripherals UP TO 5x Eggpoints

Less than a year ago, one of our favorite review sites was talking about how great it was to see value priced gaming monitors going for $200. My, how times do change. Today, we’ve got one of the very monitors they were so excited about, the 27” Dell IPS SE2717HX, on sale for a lot less than $200 — it’s just $154.99 delivered. And that’s just one of the many cool buys we have waiting for you today here in our Monitors & Peripherals section. Scroll through & take a good look.


Dell SE2717HX 27" IPS FreeSync LED Monitor 1080p

18% OFF

Electronics UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Everybody knows that Newegg sells a whole lot of computers, hard drives, video cards & other components. But did you know we also sell lots of products that aren’t strictly for computers? It’s true. Here in today’s Electronics section, you’ll see dozens of speakers, sound bars, A/V receivers, cameras & other goodies that don’t necessarily need to get hooked up to a laptop or desktop to bring you lots of pleasure. So check them out. And be sure to also take a look at our USB chargers & smartphone power banks while you’re here — these are clever little products that can really help streamline your life, and always make great gifts. Have fun.


Headphones are cheap these days. Just about every phone or MP3 player comes with them free, and you can even buy them online for as little as a buck. But if you’re into music, do you really want to listen to it on super-cheap hardware? You’ll find much better options here in our audio section, where you’ll find both higher quality headsets & portable Bluetooth speakers that can reveal whole new layers of sound in your songs, podcasts, movies or even phone calls. We’re great picks from Sony, Harman Kardon, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic & others. So take a look — you’ll like what you hear.


If Porsche designed a computer, would you buy it? The fact is they actually did — it’s a beautiful 2-in-1 tablet with lines so clean that it’s guaranteed to dominate the conversation around any company watercooler. We carry it, of course, but it’s just one of the cool systems that we’re offering here in this month’s eBlast. We’ve got Lenovo laptops for up to 28% off, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 for 34% off list, HP notebooks & desktops for as much as 50% off, and much more. Take a look at our lineup and, regardless if you’re in the market for fancy sports car style electronics or something that’s more like a sensible sedan, we’ll help you out.


As you probably know, Newegg’s known for both our wide selection of products and our typically low prices. Especially on products that you see in our eBlasts, we work hard to make sure we’re giving our customers a good deal 365 days a year. But sometimes we’re able to outdo ourselves and quite often it happens right here in our Refurbished Systems department. Scroll through and you’ll find discounts that run as high as 77% on refurb systems from Lenovo, Dell, HP & Panasonic. We’re talking laptops, desktops & workstations, all priced to move extra fast. If you’re looking for extra big savings, take a look. We think you’re going to be very happy.


Sometimes, it really pays to wait a little bit. Take the Apple iPad 3, for example. It was such a hot tablet back when it was introduced that it sold more than 3 million units in just the first 3 days. And at about $650 a pop. But today, we’re selling the refurbished version of the iPad 3 for just $184.99, shipping included. That’s 72% off the original price. Now aren’t you glad you waited? Of course, that iPad isn’t the only deal we can give you this month on Apple. Take a look below and you’ll see even more refurbished iPads & MacBooks all at fantastic savings. Think of these are little rewards for your having been patient.


It’s never pretty to see somebody lose data. The inevitable swearing, the banging of the forehead, the tears & depression, the threats of self-harm — it all makes for a pretty ugly time. That’s why we’re always encouraging our customers to back up on a regular basis and offering major deals on the hardware that can make the job pretty darn easy. Here in this section, you’ll find very healthy discounts on hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, RAID enclosures & more. For the sake of your important files (and your mental health), please get what you need here and start doing those backups. You’ll thank us down the line.

Surveillance & Networking

Home burglary is still a big problem in America today. The FBI says that over 2.5 million homes are broken into every year, which works out to one every 17 seconds. If you’d like to reduce your odds that your home is robbed, take a look at some of the excellent cameras & complete systems that we’re offering here in this section. While you’re here, also give some thought to fortifying your home network as well. We have Wireless AC1300 routers starting at just $21.99, plus other great choices from well-known brands like TP-Link, Belkin & Linksys. It only takes a little bit of work to make your home or office not only safer, but simply a better & happier place to be.


When you’re building a new machine, you want to start with the right case. You want something that has the right size & layout, of course, but also a case that will dampen sound, have a good air flow & look cool. This week, we have dozens of those sorts of cases just waiting for you. We’re talking models from Raijintek, Be Quiet & others, all marked down & ready to go. Here in this section, you’ll also find great deals on other components like CPU coolers, power supplies & motherboards. So take a look, order the components you need, and get that new system of yours up & running fast. Remember that the best way to build a new machine always starts with Newegg.