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EDITOR'S PICKS UP TO 10x Eggpoints

Yes, we know — chocolates and flowers are the tried and true traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day. But this year, what about giving your special someone a gift that’s just a bit more exciting and lasts a little bit longer? We’re talking, of course, about electronics, the kind of tech gear that you see in today’s email. With hundreds and hundreds of special deals on the gear you love, this email may contain just the kind of gift your sweetie needs, loves and will appreciate for years to come. Why, here are just a few of our Top Picks to fit the bill.

GAMING PCs UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Gaming with a laptop is, to borrow a phrase from a famous old-school tire commercial, “where the rubber hits the road.” It’s the ultimate test of your machine since gaming, by nature, demands fast, powerful components, and yet the laptop form factor itself requires those parts to be extremely compact and run extra cool. Fortunately, we have a stellar lineup this month of exceptional gaming laptops that have already resolved this delicate balancing act for you. Along with our equally impressive roster of desktops, we figure we’ve got a mighty tempting upgrade for just about all of our gamers out there, and at a great price. Check these deals out.


Looking for a widescreen monitor you can really fall in love with? Give our curved 34” Dell UltraSharp a look. PC Magazine gave it their Editors’ Choice Award for high-end, extra-large screens and we’ve got it waiting for you at $204 off. Our 32” Crossover and its 4K abilities is another great value, as are all the other fine monitors we have in today’s Monitor category. Any way you go, a new monitor can really kick the enjoyment you get from your system up a notch or two, especially if you’re a gamer.


Even if you’re the IT guy for your company, it’s always pretty exciting to get your hands on a new system, isn’t it? There’s something about unwrapping that plastic, plugging in those cables and watching a new rig boot up for the first time that, well, just feels special. If it’s time for you personally to re-experience that thrill, take a look at some of the fine systems we have on sale below. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a laptop, a desktop, an all-in-one, a tablet or whatever, the chances are good we’ve got what you need — and we’ve got it for less.

Refurbished Systems

If you’ve been a Newegg customer for any time at all, you know we’re big on refurbished gear. We think going refurbished is a great way for our customers to stretch their tech budgets — hey, we even buy refurbs to use ourselves. Refurb computers, of course, are ones that have been sold before, then returned by the customer for any number of reasons, and subsequently reconditioned for sale again. They can’t be advertised as new, but thanks to that refurbishing step they’ve gone through, they can be just about as close to “new” as you can come. And — here’s the best part — you can often buy a refurb for a lot less than a new computer. Just take a look:

Cameras UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Sure, for the occasional selfie or vacation pic, your smartphone is probably fine. But when you want to get serious about your photos, when you want to get those gripping or moving shots that you see on TV or in magazines, you need something better. Gathered below we’re proud to offer you the absolute best deals we could find this week on mid to high-end cameras. Somewhere in here we bet you’ll discover just the right camera, the one that fits your needs and makes your vision come alive exactly. We hope you’ll find that camera today, and use to take incredible pictures for a long time to come.


Have you ever sat back and really listened to a Bluetooth portable speaker? If you haven’t — or if it has been a while — you’re in for a real treat. Portable speakers today can sound really, really good, plus you can listen to them anywhere — in the garage, out on the patio, wherever you go in the house, it’s just amazing. This month, we’re offering super discounts on refurbished Bluetooth speakers from great names like JBL and Harman Kardon. We’ve also got quality headphones from Klipsch, Pioneer and more on sale, so be sure to give ‘em a look.


Thinking about buying a new big screen TV? If you are, pat yourself on the back for having very good timing, because now is an excellent time to score a major deal. As you’ll see below, we’re offering unbeatable buys right now on beautiful big screens from both Sony & LG. Remember too that our prices include free shipping, so you don’t have to hassle with getting your new TV home in your car. Our sound systems and speakers are also on sale, so if you’re thinking about tricking out that home theater of yours, now’s the time to act.


Aren’t you glad you’re not an SSD or hard drive manufacturer? It seems like every month, the price they can get for a drive goes down and the capacity of their drives goes up. That can’t be good news for their bottom line, but it’s certainly good news for you, right? So take a look through this section and grab those big, fast HDDs and fast SSDs while you can. This is definitely a chance to score a major deal, so don’t let it pass you by.


Building or upgrading a computer systems is always kind of a trade-off, isn’t it? On the one hand, you want to get as much power & functionality as you possibly can. And on the other hand, you don’t want to have to sell the family farm in order to be able to pay for it, right? Fortunately, here at Newegg, we’re pretty good at helping our system builders win this little game of trade-offs. In fact, the brands and products you’ll see below are some of our favorite ways to get you the most-est for the least-est. Take a look:

APPLE UP TO 2x Eggpoints

Wish you could buy an Apple computer, but can’t really afford it? Well, February is going to be your lucky month. That’s because we’re offering refurbished pricing on a whole bunch of MacBooks and iMacs this month, which might make an Apple finally fit into your budget. Just remember that our quantities are limited on these refurbs, so you’ll want to snap one quickly. Plus there’s even more good news — we’re offering special deals on new iPad Pros this month as well. So now’s definitely the time to buy.

Mobile & Peripheral

What kind of tablet buyer are you? Are you somebody who’s always after the latest and greatest, or do you prefer to snap up a really good deal? If you’re in the first category, take a good look at our prices on our Microsoft Surface Pro 4’s this week. Those are really great choices that are certainly on the top of the power & features list for tablets. And if you’re looking for a less expensive option? Don’t miss our deals on the Nexus 10, as well as all the other goodies we’ve got waiting for you below. Remember that no matter what your style is, we’ve got the gear that can make you happy.


Sure, snow may still be on the ground, but the first official day of Spring is just a few weeks away. That means it’s time to start planning sports and other outdoor activities, right? So be sure to take a look at our popular Phantom 4 Pro Drone, widely considered to be one of the most capable & easiest to fly birds you can buy. Also take a peek at our Thrust racing drone — with a top speed of around 75 mph, it’s a real screamer. And if running’s your exercise thing, note that we’ve got the Fitbit Charge HR on special this month. Either way, it’s time to start thinking outside.

Save Extra 5% On All Small Appliances w/ Promo Code: SMAKITAP05 ENDS 2/14/17

What’s on your kitchen countertop these days? Chances are, you’ve got a blender, coffee maker and maybe a mixer that are way past their shelf-life in terms of usability. Now’s the perfect time to step up cutting edge, 21st century versions of your small appliances with some of the great machines you see below. We’re talking mixers, blenders, juicers and breadmakers with high-tech controls that can deliver some of the tastiest and healthiest drinks and meals that your family has ever experienced. Our special pricing on these is good while supplies last only, so start your shopping now.