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Your Personal EyewitnessSee More

Maintaining proper visibility when driving is critical for being safe from accidents, and in the event of a crash you want to be sure you are still protected. Dash cams offer clear evidence, and a variety of features ensure that you can choose the options that will benefit your use the most, from automatic G-sensor recording to night vision and more.

Smart HomeSee More

Upgrading your home to become more efficient is always a great way to modernize your lifestyle and improve your standard of living. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference, and there is usually plenty of room for enhancements well-within your budget.

Car Electronics, Gadgets and moreSee More

Whether getting you out of a bind or keeping you entertained, 12V electronics are the most critical to making sure your vehicle is equipped for whatever comes your way. Some are a necessity and others are all about having a little fun, for the enthusiast to truly make the most of a custom ride.

Outdoor & GardenSee More

Now that the weather is warming up and the frost is starting to thaw, it is time to get back outside and tackle all the jobs winter kept you from completing. Springtime is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your old sprinkler controller to a new, Wi-Fi enabled smart controller that can schedule itself based on the local weather forecast and helps conserve water.

Knowing is EverythingSee More

When the dreaded “check engine” light comes on you know it will cost a ton of money to find the problem, unless you can do it yourself! OBDII code scanners allow you to troubleshoot the problem before taking it to a mechanic for diagnosis, and often save you time and a load of money.

Power Tools & Industrial SuppliesSee More

If there’s a job to be done, you want to be able to master it without scrambling to find the tools you need. A true DIYer can handle any task with the right equipment and drive, so make sure you aren’t limited to what you can create.

Automotive LightingSee More

Customizing your ride is all about personal style, standing out from the rest and getting noticed. Adding special lighting gives you that splash of character and takes your ride to the next level, without too much difficulty to install.