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Entry Level

The most basic entry into the world of Maker products are the STEM toys for kids, which help to prime young minds for technical thinking. But the Maker category is broad, and everyone starts out at their own level. What is basic for some is advanced for others, and Makers can progress as fast as their skill allows. Adults or others new to the hobby can dip a toe into the water with some simple kits and boards like the famous Raspberry Pi that allow for a smooth experience with plenty of growing room.


Stepping up the difficulty level a notch, intermediate boards often have additional components to them, like controllers, expansion boards, LCD screens, moisture sensors, or other motors and sensors. Some of these boards can get into the different wireless communication protocols, and be used to operate Smart Home devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is where the possibilities really open up for DIYers, and creativity can run wild.

Advanced & Industrial

High-end Maker boards are far more advanced (and expensive) than the hobbyist boards. These come with much faster processors, more efficient cooling, more input options, and much more. These small boards are massively powerful for their size with potential for AI computing, and some are pre-packaged to serve specific signage roles for industrial use. Other components that come into play are motors, multiple expansion boards, controllers, and a far deeper understanding of communication protocols and programming. These are capable of turning any device into a Smart Device, for those DIYers who want to automate their homes.

Accessories & Memory Cards

All Maker boards require the use of a MicroSD memory card to operate, and additional components come into play when attempting to create a specialized-function computer. While pretty simple in terms of the number of components, the flexibility of Maker boards is part of their attraction.


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