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Sell your products in North America through Newegg Global Seller Program

Newegg Global Seller Program offers a complete e-commerce and marketing program to help you move forward in the international arena, successfully selling your products through the 2nd largest pure-play e-commerce website in North America. By joining Newegg Global Seller Program and becoming a Newegg partner, you immediately gain the following advantages:

  • Precise targeting to over 30 million customers.
  • Multiple value-added marketing opportunities.
  • No slotting fees, monthly fees, online credit card transaction fees and other basic costs of sales.
  • An exclusive discount commission fee of only 12% per transaction.
  • Sit back and relax.
    1. Newegg's experienced category managers oversee the marketing and merchandising of your products.
    2. Shipped by Newegg value-added logistics solutions ensure your goods arrive quickly to consumers.
    3. Newegg's award-winning customer service department manages all customer service inquiries.
    4. Sales proceeds, net of commissions, are quickly sent to your company via PayPal or other means.
Full Service Program
Low commission per transaction 12%
Credit Card Fraud Protection
Services included
Credit card transaction fees included 0
Monthly management fee 0
Add products to website cost 0
Professional e-commerce management counseling managers included 0
Newegg logistics services
(Shipped by Newegg)
Lowest Fees
Product Page Enhancements $30 - $60
per item

Newegg Global Seller Program is a great business opportunity you don't want to miss. Apply now to join Newegg Global Seller Program and let Newegg help you sell products to the North American e-commerce market.

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