Earth Day is all about living a greener, more energy efficient lifestyle. At Newegg, that means getting the right tech to not only save on energy usage, but also to develop a smarter way of living. Energy efficient products are a great start to cutting down on consumption around the house and office, but taking the next big jump to smart products ensures intelligent use of power only when it is needed. A smarter home isn’t just fun for making things easy, but becoming smarter about energy use as well.

Smart Lighting

Saving energy all starts with optimizing your home lighting use, but it goes so much further than efficient LED bulbs. Automating your lighting can be as simple as installing a smart bulb with a hub, a plug-in switch and downloading the app, or as complex as changing out hard-wired lighting fixtures. Smart lighting is the quickest way to start saving energy and money, with instant results.

Temperature Control

Average home electricity use is dominated by heating and cooling costs, which tend to be the most electrically inefficient of home systems and offer the most room for energy savings. Getting home on a hot summer day to a hot house can be brutal, but keeping an empty house cool all day is wasteful. Many smart thermostats have geo-fencing capabilities which detect when you are near home to initiate a preferred temperature setting, and all of them can be adjusted remotely via smartphone.

Irrigation Control

Water is a precious resource, and optimizing home use is vital to ensuring sustained life. Smart irrigation solutions provide intelligent ways to automatically adjust yard watering based on the temperature, rainfall, and landscape setting to ensure nothing gets over or under watered. All devices can be controlled via smartphone, and instantly start saving money while cutting consumption.

Solar & EV Charging

Solar power is a sustainable energy source, and can be used for powering up everything from mobile devices on the go to whole home ecosystems. Electrical vehicles (EVs) are popular green transportation solutions that provide clean ways to commute, while saving tons of money at the pump by charging at home. Upgraded EV chargers can speed up the process and ensure you are ready for the next outdoor adventure.

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