JOAN Manager and Executive

An easy-to-use device that helps better organise and reserve meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Both models are affordable and packed-full with features, including space usage analytics and touchscreen support.

Ideal for the corporate, education and government markets, JOAN solutions seamlessly integrate with the existing calendar and WiFi network to improve the way people use meeting spaces.

Supported calendars

Top Features

Scheduling Options

Reserve a meeting room from your company calendar or book the room on the display.

Customizable Display

Add your company logo to impress visitors and deepen company culture with unique room names.

Space Utilisation Analytics

Receive data on how your meeting space is being used so you can make informed decisions when it comes to workspace planning.


Message Joanbot to "book a room" immediately or at a particular time and simply pick the room you would like reserved.

Effortless Installation

JOAN devices are completelly wireless and can be attached with a self-adhesive Magnetic Mount to any surface.

Take JOAN device out of the box and it's ready to use with no installation necessary - no drilling, no wiring. Completely hassle free.

Seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi.

A simple cloud subscription or the option to host on-premises on your own servers.

Attaches to any surface without wires, tools, bolts or brackets.

A battery life of weeks/months. Automatic low battery email reminders.

Energy Savings

JOAN displays are 99% more energy-efficient than any other display technology due to the spectacular energy-saving properties of electronic paper.

The battery lasts up to 12 weeks on a single charge.

When the battery runs low, JOAN will send you an automatic email reminding you to recharge your devices. Zero hassle. Fun times.

Model Comparison

What's the different between JOAN Manager and JOAN Executive?

JOAN Manager supports WPA2-PSK encryption, whereas JOAN Executive offers Enterprise WPA2-EAP. Both are 802.1x supported. JOAN Executive also offers powerful Workplace Analytics and lifetime priority online support.

Product Specifications


Zero-cost installation. The only completely cordless display out there.

By far the easiest room booking system to set up, use and manage.

Industry leader in energy efficiency & sustainable technologies.

Best value for your money. No other system comes even close.

All prices reflect the final price after savings/rebate(s).

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