Newegg has become aware of fraudulent (phishing scam) correspondence disguised as official Newegg correspondence. Newegg takes the security of customer information extremely seriously and wants to assure you phishing communication is in no way affiliated with or originating from Newegg. Newegg will NEVER ask you for your password, financial or personal information in an e-mail communication. We have taken immediate steps to verify that no customer data has been breached and to inform the proper authorities. Rest assured your information is safe with us.

What is a “phishing scam”?

You may have recently received fraudulent correspondence disguised as an official communication from Newegg. This kind of fake communication is part of a phishing scam, which is designed to “fish” for information by luring unsuspecting recipients into divulging or verifying personal details, like bank accounts, addresses, names and more. Phishing scam artists can send fraudulent communication to millions of people at a time. If you have received phishing communication from someone pretending to be Newegg, this does not mean that Newegg's data security has been breached. Newegg protects your information with sophisticated security measures, and the recent phishing scam did not compromise our data security.

Help Us Fight Fraud

Newegg takes every security threat seriously and strives to ensure your purchases are as safe and secure as possible . Online scams and phishing attacks are unfortunately common occurrences across the industry and should be handled with extreme caution.

If you have received a suspicious e-mail or text message, we strongly advise that you DO NOT respond, download or click any of the links provided.
Please refer to our FAQ page for tips on how to identify and protect yourself against such attacks in the future: How do I identify Phishing or Spoofed E-mails?

Help us provide the best experience for our customers by forwarding this page to your friends and family whom you think may have been affected by these attacks.

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Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.
We thank you for your ongoing support. Stay safe.