Pure WiFi Freedom

Traditional routers may not reach the far corners of your home. But Whole Home WiFi system can be placed anywhere to provide you with full-strength WiFi that's perfect for your unique situation.

Fits Every Home Size and Shape

Whole Home WiFi system immerses you in WiFi no matter what type of home you live in. It is modular and available in a one, two or three pack. This gives you the freedom to place additional nodes to reach difficult spots like the basement or backyard for flawless WiFi everywhere.

Whole Home WiFi System Works with All Home Types

Townhouse? Ranch style? Brick or steel? Compared to traditional routers, Whole Home Wifi system is modular and performs well within every home type, situation and footprint. Simply add additional nodes to work around walls, problem areas or multiple stories.

100% WiFi Mesh Network Signal

A WiFi mesh system outperforms traditional routers and range extenders giving you 100% seamless WiFi without lag or buffering. With other Wi-Fi, the signal degrades as you move farther away from the router, leaving you susceptible to dropped connections. Whole Home Wifi system gives you full-strength WiFi everywhere.

Whole Home WiFi Systems

100%, full-strength Wi-Fi without degradation


Signal degrades incrementally

Diagram comparing signal degredation with other Wi-Fi vs Velop's 100% full-strength signal throughout the home
Diagram comparing signal degredation with other Wi-Fi vs Velop's 100% full-strength signal throughout the home

Enjoy the Freedom of One WiFi NameĀ & Password

The mesh system operates as one network and continuously searches for your connected devices. This ensures a 100% seamless connection as you move throughout your home.

Whole Home WiFi Systems

Multiple nodes work as one WiFi mesh system


Other WiFi

Requires manual switching between your router and range extenders



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