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  • Since the founding of Polk™ in 1972, it's been our mission to craft high quality, great-sounding speakers that are accessible to everyone. For the people of Polk, designing and building authentic audio solutions is our true passion.
    Big bang for your buck – that's what home theater audio should deliver in any room of your home. Polk gives you plenty of choices for enhancing the audio of your TV shows, games and digital movies.
    So sit back and be engulfed in the explosive excitement of blockbuster movies, right in your own home. From a compact single-speaker system to life-sized cinema sound, there's a Polk home theater that's just right for your space.
    We're movie lovers, too, after all, so we pay attention to each musical detail, to crystal clear voice reproduction, and to the kind of deep bass impact that puts you in the center of the action. We're out to give your local movie palace a run for its money.
    And at home, the popcorn refills are always free.
  • The name "Monitor" adorned the speakers that first made Polk famous. Monitor means simple, sturdy construction, clear, accurate sound, powerful bass and superior imaging (all at a surprising price). This new Monitor Series is classic Polk: a quality-built, affordable line of high performance loudspeakers for music and home theater. They are highly efficient, so they can be driven easily by unpretentious receivers, and they are voice-matched for lifelike surround sound environments. The Monitor Series boasts a stylish look that complements today's flat screen technology, with wood grain finishes and modern Titanium faces. Built for sound quality and value, the Monitor Series is a great introduction to high performance sound.
Monitor 75T
Four-way ported floorstanding loudspeaker
Monitor 65T
Three-way ported floorstanding loudspeaker
Monitor 55T
Two-way ported floorstanding loudspeaker
Monitor 25C
Two-way center channel loudspeaker
Monitor 15C
Two-way center channel loudspeaker
Monitor 45B
Two-way bookshelf loudspeaker
Monitor 35B
Compact bookshelf loudspeaker
When subwoofers are working at extreme levels, reproducing deep low end for movie thrills or musical dynamics, their motor structures are moving back and forth like pistons in a race car engine. Cheap, non-aligned design and flimsy materials can cause a subwoofer to come apart quite easily, like when that race car hits the barrier. It's not a pretty sight (or sound). Polk uses the state-of-the-art Klippel laser distortion analyzer to more exactly align the motor structure of our subwoofers, so there are absolutely no impediments to free and easy movement throughout the dynamic range of the speaker. Even at tremendous volume levels, when it's working hardest, you can be sure that your Polk subwoofer won't come apart and that nothing will stand between you and big, musical bass reproduction.
Powered Subwoofer
10-inch Powered Subwoofer
DSW PRO 440 wi
8-inch high performance subwoofer
  • 180-watt RMS Class D Amplifier
  • 8" Down-Firing Woofer (Front-Firing Optional)
  • 14 5/8"H x 13 ¾"W x 13 ¾"D
DSW PRO 550 wi
10-inch high performance subwoofer
  • 200-watt RMS Class D Amplifier
  • 10" down-firing woofer (front-firing optional)
  • 15 ½"W x 16 ¼"H x 18 1/16"D
DSW PRO 660 wi
12-inch high performance subwoofer
  • 400-watt RMS Class D amplifier
  • 12" down-firing woofer (front-firing optional)
  • 16 ½"W x 17 ¼"H x 17 5/16"D

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